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WP Smart Protect is a special service for WordPress, aimed at protecting and maintaining your website.

Our experienced specialists take care of your website on a continuous basis with measures such as regular updates, security checks, monitoring and backups.

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Hackers have it easy

Literally every single website has something that hackers are extremely interested in exploiting, be it visitors, data or just storage space. They do so for reasons such as data theft, extortion, spamming, spreading viruses, vandalism, or politically-motivated purposes. The consequences of an infected website are usually devastating.

Hackers and their automated tools have easy targets to prey on, due to website operators’ lack of awareness about protective measures, unresolved security vulnerabilities in the CMS (e.g. WordPress or other content management systems) and unsafe passwords for editing their websites.

Over 70% of Swiss WordPress websites are unprotected

In its report “Focus topic: Website security” from April 2015, the Swiss Federal Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Security (MELANI) comes to the conclusion that 74.15 percent of Swiss WordPress websites are not adequately protected. (Source: MELANI).

If you compare this with figures published by Google which state that 32 percent more websites were hacked in 2016 than in the previous year (Source: Google), it is clear that there is a high probability that one’s own website could become the target of an attack.

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What happens to a hacked website?

The reasons for hacking attacks are varied. In some cases, the storage space of your website is misused for spamming; in other cases, the aim might be to publish foreign content on your website or to steal customer data that is stored in your database. In any case, the consequences for website owners are very time-consuming, frustrating, and often expensive.

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