How it works

Offer your clients a professional service and receive benefits.


Doing nothing is not an option

You create WordPress websites for yourself and your clients? That’s a very good decision. But how well are those websites protected and maintained? Because we both know: Doing nothing is not an option.


Have your cake and eat it too

It would be nice if you didn’t have to get involved. It would be even better if you could earn some money. But the best thing is: you can have both with WP Smart Protect.



Recommend the usage of WP Smart Protect to your customers and benefit twice from it as a partner.


Professional service

You provide us the contact information of your client, so we can get in touch with them to take care of the installation and add them to our maintenance loop. As soon as WP Smart Protect is up and running, you’ll receive a notification.


Your customer remains as one of your customers

We’ll contact your clients only if it’s related to WP Smart Protect. You still take care of them as usual, but with the knowledge that all websites are professionally protected and maintained. Your client pays only CHF 45.– per month for the service.


Kickback: Your benefit

You’ll benefit from our partnership, as a thank you for your trust.
First: We’ll add your website to our maintenance loop for free.
Second You’ll receive a kickback of CHF 90.– per customer.


Become a partner



WP Smart Protect is a complete security and maintenance solution specifically for WordPress websites.

If needed, our experienced specialists are also available on the phone. For you as a partner it’s free.
The price for your client:

  • for 1 website CHF 45.– per month
  • for 2 websites CHF 40.50 per month
  • for 3 and more websites CHF 36.- per month

The service is monthly cancellable. Please take a look at our prices and services for details.

Each year, every 10th WordPress website gets hacked unless there is reliable and professional protection. Repairing and cleaning sites is, in any case, more expensive and nerve-racking.
The dangers are generally known, and that an unmaintained system will eventually cause trouble. Don’t wait until it hits you or your client. Not convinced yet? Read more about the risks and dangers.


I’m interested to join the program

Give us a call at 044 934 50 00, and we’ll discuss all the details. You can also send us an e-mail or contact us via our contact form.


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What are the requirements to join the partner program?

None – except that you use WordPress for your websites. We offer WP Smart Protect to all agencies and freelancers who cannot or do not want to offer the service themselves.

How much is this going to cost me?

Nothing at all. The affiliate program is free of charge for you. What’s more, we include your website in our service free of charge and you receive a kick-back of CHF 90 per customer.

Who can I refer to you?

All clients with a WordPress website.

What happens after the referral?

As a partner, you are an intermediary between your clients and us as a provider of WP Smart Protect. We will then take care of setting up WP Smart Protect and will only contact your clients within the scope of this service. Your client remains your client. Guaranteed.