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Personal contact, fast response times and proven specialists are at the heart of our services, and form the basis of a trustful partnership between us. After all, the security of your website is at stake.


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Any questions?

Why would hackers be interested in my website anyway?

Every website, no matter how big or small, has something that could interest hackers, be it visitors, data or just storage space. Admittedly, hackers aren’t usually interested in your content. You might be curious to know how easily your website can be hacked. To find out, you can use tools for detecting inadequately protected websites automatically. At the same time, you should always ask yourself: How well is my website protected?

How likely is it for my website to be hacked?

You should always be prepared for the worst. It’s difficult to provide accurate figures, because most website hacking incidents are not reported or officially recorded. However, attacks on websites occur tens of thousands of times every day. Our experience tells us that, on average, 1 in 10 unprotected websites are hit every year – usually with very costly consequences. But not a single website protected by WP Smart Protect has ever been hacked.

My website uses the latest technology. Do I still need protection?

Congratulations! If your website is new, it is (hopefully) up to date – and secure. Well, at least for this week. But security is not a one-off endeavour. It must be permanently monitored and maintained. So, in answer to your question: yes, you do need protection. Not for today, but for tomorrow. Check out our Prices and Services.

My website was created by an agency. Aren't they responsible?

No. When a new website is created or an existing one redesigned, it is handed over to you ‘turnkey’, so to speak. The agency’s work is then complete for the time being, and you as the customer can manage the website yourself via the CMS. From that point on, you are responsible for all aspects of the site – including ‘maintaining’ the CMS and the installed plugins. Most customers are not aware of this. And many agencies will no longer care. We specialise in closing this gap with WP Smart Protect and handling the professional maintenance.

Isn't it enough just to take action after my website has actually been hacked?

That would be like locking your office after it has already been broken into. Hacked websites are associated with a great deal of inconvenience, time and stress. Restoring a ‘clean’ website is also often very expensive. Unfortunately, unlike in the case of an office door, operators of websites are often unaware of the dangers. Without protection, your website will inevitably become a room with an open door just waiting to be discovered one day. Consider WP Smart Protect as your key to ‘lock down’ your website – and lock out hackers.

What's so bad about my website getting hacked?

Here are some possible scenarios: Your website is recognised by Google as an infected site, prompting the user’s browser to warn them when they visit your site. Your website is no longer accessible. Instead, it automatically redirects the user to dubious offers or pornographic pages. The content of your website has been deleted and replaced with external content, maybe of a politically motivated nature. In order to prevent harm to visitors to your site, it is blocked by the hosting provider. In the worst case scenario, your domain could even be blocked as well, which would mean you can no longer send or receive emails

Isn't that scaremongering? Nothing has ever happened to my website.

OK, so nothing has happened in the past. But it could happen in the future! Do you take your car in for servicing even though it drives perfectly well? Or do you occasionally visit the doctor for a health check? Or do you think it’s wise to go to the dentist for a periodic check-up before unbearable pain forces you to? The answer to these questions also applies to your website: control and prevention are better than cure. The risk is obvious – and the consequences can be fatal. With WP Smart Protect, we are tackling precisely this problem: We make sure that damage to your website doesn’t even occur in the first place.

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