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WP Smart Protect is a total solution designed for WordPress websites to protect your website. You don't have a WordPress yet? Read our safety tips.


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Personal contact, fast response times, and proven specialists form the basis for our services and a trustful cooperation. After all, it's about the security of your website.


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With WP Smart Protect your website will stay supervised by experienced specialists. The most important measures include monthly updates and security checks, continuous monitoring and daily backups. More about our prices and services.


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You can focus on your business without worries – at least as far as your website is concerned. Your WordPress is always up to date and your website is protected as best as possible.

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Isn't my website of no interest to hackers anyway?

No. Every website, whether big or small, has something that interests hackers: visitors, data or just storage space. Admittedly, hackers are mostly not interested in your content. You might be curious how easily your website can be hacked. To do this, you can use the appropriate tools that allow you to automatically detect websites that are not sufficiently protected. You should always ask yourself: How well is my website protected?

How likely is it for my website to be hacked?

Probability means, that the improbable will also occur at some point. It is difficult to give accurate figures, because most hacked websites are not reported or officially recorded. However, attacks on websites take place tens of thousands of times every day. From our experience we can tell: On average 1 in 10 unprotected websites are hit every year, usually with very costly consequences. Not a single website protected by WP Smart Protect has been hacked yet.

My website is state of the art. Do I still need protection?

Congratulations! If your website is new, it is (hopefully) up to date – and secure. Well, at least for this week. But safety is not a one-time thing, and it must be permanently monitored and maintained. So yes, you need protection. Not for today, but for tomorrow. Check out our Prices and Services.

My website was created by an agency. Aren't they responsible?

No. With the creation of a new website or a redesign, the new website is handed over to you "turnkey", so to speak. After that, the project for the agency has been completed for now and you as a customer can manage the website independently via the CMS. The responsibility now lies with you. This includes the "maintenance" of the CMS and of the installed plugins. Most customers are not aware of this and are often no longer relevant to the agency. We are specialised in closing this gap with WP Smart Protect and taking over this part of professional "care".

Isn't it enough to react only, when my website has actually been hacked?

Is it enough to lock your office after a break-in? The inconvenience of hacked websites cost time and are stressful. The restoration of a "clean" website is also often very expensive. Unfortunately, unlike the office door, websites often lack Awareness and Knowledge of the dangers. Without protection, your website will inevitably become a room with an open-door – until it is discovered one day …  Consider WP Smart Protect as your key to "lock down" your website – and lock out hackers.

What's so bad about my website getting hacked?

Possible scenarios include: Your website is recognised by Google as an infected page, and the browser warns you of this when you visit your website. Your website will no longer be reachable, but will automatically redirect the user to dubious offers or pornographic pages. The content of your website has likely been deleted and replaced with external content, mostly political actions. In order to prevent damages to the visitors of your website, your website will be blocked by the web host, and in the worst case even your domain. This would also mean that it would no longer be possible to send and receive any e-mails.

Nothing has ever happened to my website before. Isn't that scaremongering?

No. Nothing has to happen. But it can! Why bring your for a service, if it still drives? Those who go for a health check: the healthy or the sick? Don't you find it wiser to go for a dental check before unbearable pain forces you to? These answers also apply to your Website: control and prevention are better than cure. The risk is clear – and the consequences can be fatal. With WP Smart Protect, we are tackling exactly this problem: We make sure that the damage to your website does not occur in the first place.

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